About Us

Blue Hills Processors Ltd. (“BHPL”) is located in Avonlea, SK housed and expanded around the original grain elevator. We employ approximately 20 people locally and pride ourselves on being a small family of employees committed to providing and shipping large volumes of product annually.

We facilitate procuring, handling, processing, shipping, and marketing of field peas, lentils, and flax.  Our operation and staff enable us to meet the growing demands of the markets worldwide by adapting to diversification and emerging to suit these needs.

Over the past few years we have continued to expand our facility to increase our product line and offer various modes for shipment.  We hold strong to our core operation of processing peas and lentils and loading and shipping them by means of bulk rail car, bulk intermodal, bagged or totes.

Each year we see exponential growth in both relationships with our current customers and producers, and building relationships with new customers and producers. We are backed by a strong reputation within our industry staying true to our commitments to our producers and customers.rr